The Financial Markets Group Research Centre (FMG) was founded in the LSE in 1987 by Charles Goodhart and Mervyn King. It brings together researchers in Finance and Economics to study the workings of financial markets and their relationship with the real economy.

Research at the FMG belongs to two broad themes. One concerns the internal workings of the financial system: how stable and efficient the system is, how best to regulate it, and how to avoid financial crises. The other concerns the interface between the financial system and the real economy: how does the financial system support the real economy and how does it contribute to productivity.

The FMG is closely connected with the Department of Finance, its parent department. It is also connected with other LSE departments, such as the Department of Economics, the Department of Accounting and the Department of Management.

The FMG facilitates high-quality research through seminars, conferences, data and other resources. Some of these are made possible by grants by public and private sector bodies and by philanthropic gifts. The FMG disseminates research findings to a wide audience that includes the LSE community, policy makers, practitioners in the financial sector and elsewhere, and potential LSE students. Dissemination occurs through seminars, conferences and public lectures.