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Systemic Risk Centre Event
Co-organised with Bank of Canada

Time: 4.00-7.00pm GMT
Organisers: Mattia Bevilacqua (LSE & SRC), Lukas Brandl (LSE & SRC), Andreas Uthemann (Bank of Canada & SRC)
SpeakersLaura Alfaro (Harvard Business School), Daniel Greenwald (MIT), Gordon Liao (FRB), Andreas Uthemann (Bank of Canada & SRC)

Covid-19 prompted unprecedented economic and financial market government interventions. Because it was unprecedented, policy initiatives were by and large untested and could not be evaluated in light of previous events. Due to the heterogeneity of the policy responses, with different jurisdictions reacting in very different ways and the impact reaching a significant level, researchers have been able to shed light on how the financial markets, in particular, reacted to the policy initiatives: what worked, what didn't work and what should have been done.

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4.00 - 4.05pm


4.05 - 4.45pm

Laura Alfaro (Harvard Business School)
Aggregate and Firm-Level Stock Returns During Pandemics, in Real Time

4.45 - 5.25 pm

Daniel Greenwald (MIT)
What Explains the COVID-19 Stock Market?

5.25 - 6.05pm

Andreas Uthemann (Bank of Canada & SRC)
Covid-19 and Long Term Market Risk

6.05 - 6.45pm

Gordon Liao (FRB)
The Hedging Channel of Exchange Rate Determination

6.45 - 7.00pm

Discussion and networking