Systemic Risk Centre Event

Date: Thursday 30th May 2024   Time: 14.30-19.30 BST
Panellists: Julia Black (LSE), Jeff Chwieroth (LSE International Relations), Jon Danielsson (SRC, FMG, Finance, LSE), Andrea Enria (formerly ECB and EBA), Charles Goodhart (FMG, SRC, LSE), Fred Harrison (Land Research Trust), Hyun Song Shin (BIS), Kathy Yuan (Finance, SRC, FMG, LSE)
Chaired by: Jean-Pierre Zigrand (FMG & SRC, LSE) and Tim Frost (Polus Capital Management and LSE)

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SRC Magazine

Breakingviews: Five reasons financial disasters are hard to avoid
by Peter Thal Larsen, Global Editor, Reuters

The ESRC funded Systemic Risk Centre at the FMG is 10 years old now. As a celebratory event and launch of our 10-year review magazine, we are organising an event around two roundtables so as to take stock of what we have discovered, critically review what we might have missed and have a frank discussion of how prepared we are for the future. 

The event will be opened by Kathy Yuan, Head of LSE Finance, with a closing address from Larry Kramer, President and Vice Chancellor of LSE. 

Attendees are invited to the drinks reception with the formal giving of toasts by Sir John Beddington, Chair of the SRC Scientific Advisory Board.

This public event is delivered in-person only, is free and open to all, but pre-registration is required.

This event is now full, so registration has closed. Thank you for your interest.