On 19th May 2023, the Financial Markets Group hosted a conference on financial stability and monetary policy in honour of Charles Goodhart. This was followed by the inauguration of the Goodhart Library in recognition of his lasting scholarly legacy, his influence as an economist and his role in the foundation of the FMG in 1987. The new library is located on the 8th floor of the LSE’s Marshall Building and was supported by one of Charles’s students, Jakob Horder (Morgan Stanley) and his family.


Highlights of the inauguration ceremony

Inauguration speeches in full


Below you will find a small gallery of photos. For a wider selection of images from this event, please visit our Flickr page.

Charles Goodhart and Charlie Bean
Easel unveiling
LSE Finance academics: Kathy Yuan, Martin Oehmke, Peter Kondor, at Charles Goodhart Library inauguration
Dimitri Vayanos, Charles Goodhart, Jakob Horder, Jean-Pierre Zigrand
Charles Goodhart Library Inauguration