Charles Goodhart in his home, sat in an armchairm, surrounded by his books

Charles Goodhart, Emeritus Professor of Banking and Finance at the Financial Markets Group, LSE has recently co-authored two papers for The Center for Financial Stability on banking stress and monetary policy.

According to the press release, "the work was done with a keen eye on present and future financial system stresses. For instance, bond market losses continue; bank earnings remain under pressure; cumulative Fed rate hikes are now 525 basis points; the fiscal deficit is now $600 billion deeper in the red than last year; and bank stocks remain at or near post crisis lows."

The group of co-authors includes Sheila Bar (Chair), Joyce Chang, Lawrence Goodman, Barbara Novick, and Richard Sandor, and between them they represent government, academia, and the industry, along with a full range of policy views.

The two papers are available on the CFS website:

  • “The Role of Monetary and Fiscal Policies in Recent Bank Failures”
  • “Supervision and Regulation after Silicon Valley Bank”