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The FMG invites applications for a Pre-Doctoral Research Assistant. The successful applicant will be highly-skilled and motivated, and will closely collaborate with Kim Fe Cramer, Cameron Peng and Dimitri Vayanos on various projects that involve theoretical and empirical work. Projects on financial intermediation and the real economy (Cramer) include the role of banks and fintech in developing countries; and how financial systems affect climate change adaptation. Projects on behavioural finance (Peng) include the formation of beliefs among retail and institutional investors and their impact on trading behaviour and asset prices; bargaining among individuals with heterogeneous preferences and beliefs; and the role of memory and other psychological forces in financial decision-making. Projects on frictional capital markets (Vayanos) include the measurement of capital flows to mutual funds and asset management firms, and the flows’ asset pricing effects; dynamic contracting in asset management in asset market equilibrium; and open economy macroeconomic models with imperfect capital markets.

The closing date for the receipt of applications is 27th February 2024.

For full details about this position, as well as the deadline for applications, click here.