Monetary policy and financial (in)stability

Organisers: Régis Breton (Banque de France), Laurent Clerc (Banque de France), Guillaume Plantin (Sciences Po) and Jean-Pierre Zigrand (LSE)

Understanding Financial Market Effectiveness: New Approaches

Organisers: Kevin R. James (FCA, SRC, FMG, LSE), Jon Danielsson (SRC, LSE) and Charles Goodhart (SRC, FMG, LSE).

Credit, Commodities and Currencies - Public Lecture

Speaker: Jaime Caruana (Bank for International Settlements)
Chair: Professor Sir Charlie Bean (LSE)

INQUIRE 7th Business School Seminar

On most recent developments in quantitative investment research

Third Economic Networks and Finance - Conference

Organisers: Kathy Yuan (SRC, FMG, LSE) and Christian Julliard (SRC, FMG, LSE)

Systemic Risk in Over-The-Counter Markets: The Third Annual Conference on Systemic Risk

Organisers: Andreas Uthemann (SRC, LSE) and Lerby Ergun (SRC, LSE)

The Lloyd's Crisis and its Resolution – Legal Aspects

Organisers: Miriam Goldby (QMUL) and Rosa Lastra (QMUL), Eva Micheler (LSE)

Stress Testing and Macro-prudential Regulation: A Trans-Atlantic Assessment

Organisers: Ron Anderson, Charles Goodhart, Philipp Hartmann, Malcolm Knight, Andreas Lehnert, Miguel Segoviano

PRI Academic Workshop

Organisers: Systemic Risk Centre and Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

Frontiers of financial research and future financial and economic challenges

Organiser: Jon Danielsson, Systemic Risk Centre, LSE

8th Annual Paul Woolley Centre Conference

The eighth annual conference of took place on 4-5 June 2015.

Irrational Exuberance: as relevant as ever

Speaker: Professor Robert J Shiller (Nobel prize winner and best selling author)

Masterclass series: Static and Dynamic Portfolio Theory and Applications

Tutor: Dr William T. Ziemba (University of British Columbia)

The Root of All Good - Public Lecture

Speaker: Andrew Palmer (Head of Data Journalism, The Economist)
Chair: Dr Andrea Vedolin (Assistant Professor of Finance, Department of Finance and...

Integrating financial stability and monetary policy analysis

Speaker: Øystein Olsen, Governor of Norges Bank
Discussant: Dr Sushil Wadhwani CBE, Wadhwani Asset Management LLP

Masterclass series: Risky Strategic Interactions and the Emergence of Stationary Network Dynamics

Tutors: Prof Frank Page (Indiana University) and Jieshuang He (Indiana University)