Date: 6th March 2023   Time: 9.00-10.00am
Venue: Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building, LSE (map)
Speakers: David Gilgur (BlueLake VC), Lyubov Guk (BlueLake VC)​​
Chair: Juanita González-Uribe (FMG & LSE Finance)

This event features a fireside chat between Lyubov Guk and David Gilgur from BlueLake VC and Dr. Juanita González-Uribe on a variety of topics in entrepreneurial finance such as: the paths to venture capital investment, BlueLake VC investment thesis, business accelerators, immigrant founders, entrepreneurship in times of war, and Ukraine’s greatest resource: its people.


This lecture series focuses on the role of finance in the entrepreneurial journey. The aim is to improve our understanding of the role of early-stage financiers in the start-up and scale-up of new ventures. Discussions will touch upon several research topics like the types of constraints that limit the start and growth of new companies, and the role of specialized financiers, as well as policy, in mitigating them.

David Gilgur (@DavidVimes) is Founding partner Blue Lake VC. He is the founder of Vimes Group, a consultancy that supported Ukranian firms and startups making their way in the UK’s markets. Before Vimes, David worked for several years at Bloomberg.

Lyubov Guk (@GukLyubov) is Founding Partner at Blue Lake VC. Before Bluelake VC, Lyuba led the Ukrainian team at Vimes Group and worked as a financial analyst in Ukraine. In 2020, amid the pandemic, Lyuba relocated to London. Lyuba is a Newton Venture Capital Fellow.

Juanita González-Uribe is Associate Professor in Finance at the London School of Economics. Her research focuses on entrepreneurship, private equity and innovation. Her work spans different regions including Latin America, the UK, and the USA.