In Search of the origins of Financial Fluctuations: The Inelastic Markets Hypothesis

Xavier Gabaix (Harvard)

"Information Transmission from the Federal Reserve to the Stock Market: Evidence from Governors’ Calendars" & "Central Banking with Many Voices: The Communications Arms Race"

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Banking Crises Without Panics

Emil Verner (MIT Sloan)

Exchange Rates and Asset Prices in a Global Demand System

Ralph Koijen (University of Chicago)

Information Frictions, Financing, and Growth: The impact of a Firm Credit Certification Program for Small Firms

Claudia Custodio (Imperial College London)

Present Bias Amplifies Household Balance-Sheet Channels of Macroeconomic Policy

Ben Moll (LSE Economics)

Purpose-built: Integrating meaning and technology in a bank's recovery from 9/11 

Daniel Beunza

Financial Policymaking after Crises: Public vs. Private Interests

Orkun Saka