PWC conference

16th Annual Paul Woolley Centre Conference


4th Annual Conference on Non-Bank Financial Sector and Financial Stability

Date: 6-7th June 2024   Venue: London School of Economics, in person
Speakers: Itay Goldstein (Wharton), Zhiguo He (Stanford), Erica Jiang (USC), John Kuong (INSEAD), Gabor Pinter (BIS), Andres Sarto (NYU), Amit Seru (Stanford), Kerry Siani (MIT), Sascha Steffen (Frankfurt)
Discussants: Cynthia Balloch (LSE), Marco Grotteria (LBS), Raj Iyer (Imperial), Yiming Ma (Columbia), Cecilia Parlatore (NYU), Rafael Repullo (CEMFI), João Santos (FRBNY), Savitar Sundaresan (Imperial), Huan Tang (Wharton)
Confirmed policy panel speakers: Franklin Allen (Brevan Howard Centre at Imperial College London), Amit Seru (Stanford)

Programme - click here

The 16th Annual Conference of the Paul Woolley Centre for the Study of Capital Market Dysfunctionality took place on 6th-7th June 2024 at the LSE. It was scheduled this year to coincide, as a joint conference, with the 4th Annual Conference on Non-Bank Financial Sector and Financial Stability. The conference was organized in partnership with the Bank of England and the Brevan Howard Centre at Imperial College.

Research at the Paul Woolley Centre aims to understand capital markets' workings and the social efficiency of allocations these markets achieve. The research departs from the Arrow-Debreu view of frictionless markets and emphasises the role of financial intermediaries (e.g. investment banks, mutual, hedge, and pension funds) in influencing prices and allocations. The Centre holds a conference each year based on these broad themes to bring together researchers working on such questions, disseminate their research, and stimulate the development of new ideas.

This year's edition of the conference focussed on the growing role of non-bank financial institutions in intermediating credit and on their relationship with banks. There were four sessions on: monetary policy and institutional trading, monetary policy and financial stability, fintech, and shadow banks and lending. There was also a policy panel on monetary policy and financial stability.


Organisers: Jamie Coen (Imperial College Business School), Peter Kondor (London School of Economics), Arzu Uluc (Bank of England), Dimitri Vayanos (London School of Economics), Ansgar Walther (Imperial College Business School), Nora Wegner (Bank of England)