China's Guaranteed Bubble and How to Diffuse It

Speaker: Ning Zhu

Reflections on Financial Regulation: How Might it Change?

Speaker: Peter Andrews (former Chief Economist, Financial Conduct Authority)

The Chinese Paradigm of Financial Reform, Policy, and Regulation

Speaker: Hao Zhou, Unigroup Chair Professor and Associate Dean of the PBC School of Finance

How Global Currencies Work

Speaker: Barry Eichengreen
Chair: Charles Goodhart

The Greek Crisis, structural reforms, and Eurozone convergance

Speakers: Costas Meghir (Yale University), Christopher Pissarides (LSE), Dimitri Vayanos (LSE), Nikolaos Vettas (Athens University)

Financing Development on how the World Bank and other development institutions are meeting global needs

Speaker: Kristalina Georgieva (World Bank)

Multilateralism under Attack? UK, USA and the others

Speaker: Adam Posen (Peterson Institute for International Economics)

The Interplay of Markets and Politics - Public Lecture

Speaker: Axel A. Weber (Chairman of the Board of Directors, UBS Group AG)

LSE Workshop on Networks in Macro & Finance

Organisers: Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi (Columbia) and Andrea Vedolin (Department of Finance and SRC, LSE)

Schumpeter, Minsky, and the FCA: Exploring the links between financial regulation, growth, and stability

Organisers: Kevin James (FCA, SRC, FMG, LSE) and Jon Danielsson (SRC, LSE)

10th Annual Paul Woolley Centre Conference

The Tenth Annual Conference took place at LSE on 1-2 June 2017.

Executive Remuneration - Where Do We Go from Here?

Speakers: Dirk Jenter (LSE) and Hans-Christoph Hirt (Hermes EOS)

Short-termism in Financial Markets: Fact and Frenzy

Speaker: Mark Roe (Harvard Law School)

Culture, Discrimination, and Economic Exchange

Speaker: Daniel Paravisini

The Great Rift: economic theory and financial disasters…how can we fix the future?

Speaker: Carsten Kengeter, CEO of Deutsche Börse AG.

Financing Growth in Bulgaria

Speaker: Delyan Dobrev, former Bulgarian Economy Minister and former head of the Economy Committee in the Bulgarian Parliament.