Market stability, social distancing and the future of trading floors after COVID-19

This panel event informs the existing debate over trading floor design by considering the recent experience from the Covid lockdown, as well as the...

1st London Political Finance (POLFIN) Workshop

City Business School and the Systemic Risk Centre at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) will jointly organize a workshop on...

Financing the Post-COVID-19 Recovery

Discussion of ways in which advanced economies as well as emerging markets can create the fiscal space to boost post-COVID-19 recovery prospects.

Sustainability and Systemic Risk

Organisers: Jon Danielsson (SRC, LSE Finance), Eva Micheler (SRC, LSE Law), Jean-Pierre Zigrand (SRC, LSE Finance)

Fiscal Policies to Support People and Growth During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This online event will focus on how policy makers can support fast and sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Government Assistance to Struggling Businesses in the COVID-19 Crisis

What has been the initial response of governments as regards assistance to businesses?

The State of European Banking Union: two proposals to resurrect it

Speaker: Luis Garicano, Member of the European Parliament

2030 Sustainability Goals: can businesses rise to the challenge?

Speakers: Catherine Howarth (ShareAction), Julie Hudson (UBS IB), Peter Lacy (Accenture), Mary Martin (LSE)

Trade and Financial Markets Post-Brexit. What next?

Organiser: Dr Ulf Dahlsten, Visiting Professor in Practice

Working together; an interdisciplinary approach to organisational culture

Speakers: Dame Susam Rice (BSB Chair), John C. Williams (FRBNY President and CEO)

Engineering Financial Instability

Organisers: Mattia Bevilacqua (SRC), Kevin James (SRC, FCA), Alex Stevens (The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory)

Adam Smith Junior Workshop in Asset Pricing and Corporate Finance

Organisers: Lorenzo Bretscher (LBS), Juanita Gonzalez-Uribe (LSE), Ilaria Piatti (Oxford) and Savitar Sundaresan (imperial)

50 Years of Altman Z-Score: what have we learned and the applications in financial and managerial markets

Speaker: Edward Altman (Professor Emeritus of Finance at New York University, Stern School of Business)

Managing Risk in a More Uncertain World

Speaker: Allison Schrager is an economist, author and journalist who specializes in retirement and more exotic risks.

Taking the Floor: Models, Morals and Management in a Wall Street Trading Room

Speaker: Daniel Beunza (CASS Business School, SRC, LSE)
Chair: Michael Power (Department of Accounting, LSE)

BoE, CEPR, Imperial, LSE Second Conference on Non-bank Financial Sector and Financial Stability

Keynote speaker: Ralph Koijen (Chicago Booth School of Business and CEPR)