Business models for the net zero transition

This event is part of a lecture series on the role of finance in the entrepreneurial journey.

Entrepreneurial Teams

This event is part of a lecture series on the role of finance in the entrepreneurial journey.

The Fourth Annual International Capital Markets Conference 2023

The focus of the conference will be "Securities Market: Governance, Instruments and Regulations for Sustainable Development".

Risk Landscape: Review 2023 & Preview 2024

This panel takes stock of the risk management challenges of 2023 and looks at what lessons can be learnt for the future.

Cognitive Economics

Andrei Shleifer is John L Loeb Professor of Economics at Harvard University.

Fifth Economic Networks and Finance Conference

The conference brings together academics, policy-makers and practitioners working in the area of banking and network analysis, to stimulate the...

An Introduction to the Econometrics of Networks

The lectures aim at providing a brief and select overview on the econometrics of networks.  

Celebrating 10 years of fueling corporate innovation

This event is run by King’s Business School, in partnership with L Marks and the FMG.

Five years of European Banking Supervision and beyond

Event with Andrea Enria, Chair of the Supervisory Board of the European Central Bank

New Frontiers in Corporate Governance: Corporate Governance with Externalities

The inaugural Sir Oliver Hart conference is titled “New Frontiers of Corporate Governance: Corporate Governance with Externalities”.

Reforming capitalism

The inaugural lecture of the Sir Oliver Hart Lecture Series will be delivered by Luigi Zingales and is entitled Reforming Capitalism.

Cyber risks and operational resilience: getting prepared

Panel Discussion with Elisabeth Stheeman, external member of the Bank of England’s Financial Policy Committee.

New approaches to culture in financial services

This panel event takes stock of past developments in enhancing organisational culture in banks and financial services, and will consider qualitative...

London Behavioural Finance Group - 4th Meeting

This event is by invitation only and is organised by Cameron Peng (LSE), Pedro Bordalo (Oxford) and Tarun Ramadorai (Imperial)

15th Annual Paul Woolley Centre Conference

The Fifteenth Annual Conference took place at the LSE on 8-9th June 2023.

4th LSE Workshop on Political Economy of Turkey

The hybrid event will take place on 2nd June 2023.