London Behavioural Finance Group - 1st Meeting

This event is by invitation only and is organised by Pedro Bordalo (Oxford) and Cameron Peng (LSE).

CANCELLED - Financing Ukraine’s Recovery

In this online event, Sergii Marchenko, Minister of Finance of Ukraine, outlines the recovery path that his country is undertaking in the aftermath of...

Book launch: The Illusion of Control

Join us for the launch of Jón Daníelsson’s new book which challenges the conventional wisdom surrounding financial risk, providing insight into why...

Central Bank Digital Currencies: Threat or Opportunity?

An SRC conference on Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) organised by Brunello Rosa & Jean-Pierre Zigrand.

Financial regulation when the government goes for growth

This panel discusses ways of improving financial regulation.

Colloquium on the Multi-Dimensional Impacts of Business Accelerators

We invite scholars to the Colloquium, which aims to stimulate close and fruitful collaboration between scholars like academics and practitioners in...

Secular Stagnation or Secular Stagflation

The PGIM Lecture Series in Honour of Charles Goodhart - inaugural lecture

Financializing the non-financial firm

An evening lecture with Katharina Pistor from Columbia Law School.

An Institutional Theory of the Firm

The aim of this conference is to fill this gap and to articulate an institutional theory of the firm.

14th Annual Paul Woolley Centre Conference

The Fourteenth Annual Conference took place at LSE on 7-8th June 2022.

Finance Theory Group - 5th Summer Meeting

Jointly sponsored by Central European University and the Paul Woolley Centre at the London School of Economics.

Secured and Unsecured Debt

This event is by invitation only and is organised by Martin Oehmke (LSE), Enrico Perotti (University of Amsterdam), and Giorgia Piacentino (Columbia)...

Assisting Ukrainian Refugees: A View from Moldova

An online lecture with the Director General of the Public Property Agency of the Government of the Republic of Moldova.

The Power Law: venture capital and the art of disruption

A Systemic Risk Centre hybrid public lecture and book launch with Sebastian Mallaby.

Rebooting Financial Regulation: Ways and Means

This is a two-day event in collaboration with the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) of India

Risk Landscape: Review 2021 & Preview 2022

This panel takes stock of the risk management challenges of 2021 and lessons learnt for the future.