The financial markets' response to Covid-19 policy interventions


Speakers: Andrew Greenland (Elon University), Daniel Greenwald (MIT), Gordon...

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4-7pm GMT

Risk Landscape: Review 2020 & Preview 2021

Panel discussion

SpeakersJon Danielsson (SRC/LSE), Peter Giger (Zurich Insurance), Mohit Joshi...

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11-12.30 GMT

The Great Demographic Reversal


The last four decades have seen continuous disinflation, falling interest rates...

The Great Demographic Reversal - Crowd
5-6.30pm GMT

Shaping the Post-COVID Recovery Response in Africa


The panel will review the paths different African economies are taking to...

3-4.30pm BST

The Long Ascent: confronting the crisis and building a more resilient economy

Kristalina Georgieva will deliver the outlook for the global economy. In her speech ahead of the IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings, she will also outline...

2nd LSE Workshop on Political Economy of Turkey

The workshop will provide a platform for researchers and policymakers to discuss new research and to identify areas where further academic and policy...

Market stability, social distancing and the future of trading floors after COVID-19

Organisers: Daniel Beunza (SRC, City Business School), Derin Kent (Aalto University)

1st London Political Finance (POLFIN) Workshop

Organisers: Thorsten Beck (City Business School), Orkun Saka (University of Sussex) and Paolo Volpin (City Business School)

Financing the Post-COVID-19 Recovery

Discussion of ways in which advanced economies as well as emerging markets can create the fiscal space to boost post-COVID-19 recovery prospects.

Sustainability and Systemic Risk

Organisers: Jon Danielsson (SRC, LSE Finance), Eva Micheler (SRC, LSE Law), Jean-Pierre Zigrand (SRC, LSE Finance)

Fiscal Policies to Support People and Growth During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This online event will focus on how policy makers can support fast and sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Government Assistance to Struggling Businesses in the COVID-19 Crisis

What has been the initial response of governments as regards assistance to businesses?

The State of European Banking Union: two proposals to resurrect it

Speaker: Luis Garicano, Member of the European Parliament

2030 Sustainability Goals: can businesses rise to the challenge?

Speakers: Catherine Howarth (ShareAction), Julie Hudson (UBS IB), Peter Lacy (Accenture), Mary Martin (LSE)

Trade and Financial Markets Post-Brexit. What next?

Organiser: Dr Ulf Dahlsten, Visiting Professor in Practice

Working together; an interdisciplinary approach to organisational culture

Speakers: Dame Susam Rice (BSB Chair), John C. Williams (FRBNY President and CEO)